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081318501594 KWD 808I Brand Yingdi murah/ Professional Electric Acupuncture Apparatus KWD-808I/ stimulator kwd 808I murah.ANA HP: 081318501594 email suksesmakmur65@
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The Chinese acupuncture has a long history and has become well known throughout the world since the 20th century. Under the promotion of the WHO, the WAO ( World Acupuncture Organization) has been founded and about 140 countries and regions have joined this organization. With the Chinese entry into the WTO, China has communicated more with other countries in the line of culture, technology & economy, so the Chinese Acupuncture will be more remarkable and welcome in the entire world.

The KWD-808-I MULTI-PURPOSE HEALTH DEVICE, combined with modern high and new technique, traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture & JINGLUO theory and put together the advantages of other similar products, is a new type of multi-purpose health device, which has many functions such as assisting to detect acupoint, replacement of hand massage, acupuncture, and magneto therapy. The device equipped with a music timing switch for medical treatment is easy to carry & operate, and has efficient treatment effect without pains and side effects. It is usable in clinical such as medicine departments of internal, surgical, woman, child, skin, eye, bone-wound, etc. It also has good treatment effect, especially in headache, toothache, muscle-wound & stomach pain, etc. So it is a necessary one for modern families, hospitals, and health centers. The products have been exported to USA, France, Italy, Japan, Thailand, England and some other countries.

Based on the fact that KWD808-I can stimulate proper body points to improve body immune system and create bioelectricity, thus stimulates the conductance of nerve pathway allows the body to reach homeostasis ( restore balance) .

( 1) Assisting to detect acupoint.
( 2) Having needle less acupuncture-pulse electric therapy.
( 3) Having electro-needle therapy.
( 4) Instead of hand massage.
( 5) Music timer for each Medical Treatment.
( 6) Operating output protection device.

For different purpose, you can select different waves:
( 1) Analgesic: Continuous Wave, Dense-disperse Wave
( 2) Improve Blood Circulation: Dense-disperse Wave
( 3) Improve the absorption of tissue fluid: Disperse and Respiration Wave
( 4) Excitement of muscle and nerve: Intermittent, Respiration, Ripple and Disperse Wave.

Size: 8.5 " L x 6.5 " W x 3.0 " H
Accessories Included:
1 - Acupoints Detecting Probe
8 - wires with 8 alligator clips
4 - self-adhesive patches
1 - User' s Manual ( English/ Chinese)
1 - acupuncture meridians and acupoints chart ( English/ Chinese)
1 - A/ C adaptor for both 110V & 220V worldwide use ( can be used in America, Europe, South America and elsewhere)
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